Our story– As I have been actively involved in outreach activities when I was in college and visited a lot of different marginalized communities and sectors (like street children, orphans, the elderly, PWD’s) I only had one experience of visiting the jail. It was when one of my organizations conducted an apostolate feeding activity. Our visit struck me because, even in just a short encounter with the inmates, I have heard their stories of physical, emotional and psychological
struggles inside the jail. Some of them rarely get a visit from an already abandoned by their families; others suffer from severe depression that leads to suicide attempts. The overcrowded prison cells also deprive them of breathable space. All of these lead to the dehumanizing condition that makes their rehabilitation challenging to achieve. Those insights during my visit have lingered on me as I thought of ways to revisit them and do something that will help in alleviating their pains. When we were targeting our possible partners for the project, I thought of the instance wherein maybe we could help in positively touching the lives of those who are
incarcerated in the prisons. Our team has come to realize that among the vulnerable groups in the society, the prisoners are a sector that is neglected most of the time. Only a limited number
of cause-driven organizations help in the rehabilitation activities for this group. With this premise in mind, our team decided to tap the prisoners to realize the projects for Karaw Craftventures because we believe that, whatever their backgrounds are, these people still be subject to fundamental human rights. They also have a right to a livelihood, a necessary privilege to be given excellent and dignified opportunities for the welfare of their and their families’
Futures. These people should not be left to merely idle away in confinement but be empowered towards better tomorrows.
There are a lot of talented and skillful people behind the bars that can be empowered to achieve their full potentials as they prepare themselves to re-integrate in the society once they are released.

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