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Karaw Craftventures started as a college project in 2009 and evolved into a social enterprise. It aims to promote awareness against the alarming deterioration of the environment, create job opportunities for the marginalized communities through upcycling techniques that promote the skills and talents of local artisans in Naga City and encourage the use of environment-friendly materials in design, building the bridge between waste materials and the aesthetics of innovative products.



Karaw Craftventures offers handiwork like plush toys, key chains, and souvenir items with different kind of product categories such as Best of Pinas collection that is inspired by the popular tourist attractions and icons in the Philippines, Encantures that re-creates and re-imagines the Philippine Mythical creatures and various product category that you can enjoy.


Karaw Craftventures contributes to the enhancement of the underserved Filipino artisans by creating upcycled crafts while spurring economic mobility in their communities.


“A community of mindful artisans that promotes an eco-ethical approach to sustainability.”



Ragpet Project

The Ragpet Project is the flagship brand of Karaw Craftventures that helps in the
rehabilitation of women inmates in Naga
City District Jail by providing sustainable
livelihood activities and introducing in prison skills development program for
poverty and crime reduction. Prisoners are trained to become artisans who create unique stuffed toys named as “Ragpets” made from scrap fabrics.

The Ragpet Project provides unique, upcycled novelty gifts and Eco-ethical products, with the brand positioned as an artisan, sustainable and contemporary. Thus, reducing waste materials in the environment and promoting locally
made products. We develop livelihood programs that empower the society’s underserved groups such as the women
inmates while spurring economic mobility in their communities by providing skills training, market access to their
products, guidance in financial savings, and formation and capacity building activities.



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